Client– VR 360 Video ” EFG Asset Management (HK) Limited”

We are honored to be able to produce VR360 films for EFG Asset Management (HK) Limited, introducing one of the funds with aerial photography.  In the video, you can see the full view and receive the informative message. Here, we would like to thank you our customers and producers for their immense support and acceptance. The following is our video, please enjoy:

Showcase – Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)

room 3 has just completed a four-day HK TDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition), thanks to all sectors and industry insiders feeling interested in our VR services and high-quality shooting technology.  We receive many inquiries from worldwide customers, such as France, Germany, UK, Belgium, Dubai, India, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, etc..  Your support is always our motivation of improvement, room3 will certainly try our best to bring our quality service to Hong Kong and even more [...]

《能者舞台非凡夜》 hosted by RTHK

We are honored to produce VR360 videos for RTHK’s “能者舞台非凡夜”.  On the event night, people were able to experience the problems that autistic and hearing-impaired people often encounter in their daily lives through the 360 films. During the three month production process, our team have gained a deeper understanding of autism and hearing-impaired people, and benefited throughout the whole preparation. The following is a compilation of our shooting.  After watching it, we hope everyone would pay more attention and understanding to [...]

VR Seminar – Host by Hong Kong Productivity Council

It was our honored to be invited to take part in the 2017 June VR Seminar which hosted by Hong Kong Productivity Council on 26th June 2017.  Thankfully, almost hundred of people, who are interested in VR technology, attended the seminar and shared their interest in our VR 360 shooting and VR 3D Scanning Services. With all your support, we will keep continue to produce our best services and hope more people could enjoy this immersive experience. Here we provide the [...]

News – Apple Daily

Thank you AppleDaily for covering us during the ‘Hong Kong Electronic Fair Spring Edition’. The reporter was interested in our 3D VR Scanning Technology and tried our VR goggles to view our high quality model units.  He was amazed with our immersive, convenient house touring experience which can save a lot time more than traditional flat viewing and you can view a 50+ houses with simply one click. If you want to know more about the interview, please check out this link: http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/supplement/tech/art/20170416/19991392 【春季電子展】VR實境3D睇樓 港產積木航拍機輕過iPhone 今時今日買樓不一定看實物,透過虛擬實景一樣可以還原樓盤的真實面貌。記者在春季電子產品展體驗了以VR眼罩看試範單位,看看究竟是不是這樣逼真呢。 【3D [...]

Showcase – Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition)

room3 has just completed the Hong Kong Electronics Fair Spring Edition which organized by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council. During four days of the exhibition, many people from different industries showed their interest in our VR services and high-quality shooting technology. We received a large number of inquiries, include inviting us to the oversea countries, participating local exhibitions or lectures, etc. With all your supports, room3 will speed up the pace and strive to bring our quality [...]

Education – Gratitude of Ning Po College

In hopes of encouraging the young generation in Hong Kong to get more acquainted with the knowledge on Virtual Reality, room3 sent dozens of VR cardboards to Hong Kong Ning Po College. They would be used for the teaching of ICT subject. room3 always tries best to contribute to local technology education and development. Thanks Ning Po college for the thank-you letter. It is hoped that VR and 3D technology would get more common and even popular in the foreseeable [...]

Competition – Preliminary of HKFYG start-up competition

room3 is very proud to announce that we have entered the preliminary of start-up competition (千 Fund 一指) organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. Subsequent to our presentation on company status and future goal, judges gave positive comments with guidance while the performance of other teams also inspires us a lot. Thanks HKFYG for giving room3 this golden opportunity to learn and grow, especially providing start-up with myriads of ways to look for potential business partner. We [...]

Roadshow – Langham Place

On 14 January 2017, room3 organized a roadshow in Mong Kok featuring the concept of mahjong. Combining the Chinese New Year concept with Langham Place, we understand that mahjong is the significant element of lunar new year. We prepared a Mahjong mini game with our 360-degree video. By playing our virtual reality mini-game, let the public to experience the VR and the atmosphere of Chinese New Year. Over hundred Mahjong cushion have been given within two hours. Once again, [...]