Roadshow – Causeway Bay

Roadshow – Causeway Bay

room³ X BabyJohn Roadshow 30.04.2016


Choi Hon Yik (BabyJohn Choi) the leading character of “Gift of Love”, attended one of our roadshow at Causeway Bay to promote the microfilm series and VR trend. On that day, BabyJohn gave out signed room³ custom made cardboard to fans and the teddy bear that was featured in the microfilm to fans. The microfilm series has 2 episodes, each episode now has over 100,000 views. To recall the exciting special edition roadshow with our special guest BabyJohn, please watch our roadshow behind the scene. And to watch our microfilms, please go to our YouTube channel and search for “Gift of Love” or ” room3”.


“Gift of Love” is now available on our YouTube channel, to see what happened to John, Yan and Aaron, go to our YouTube channel and search for our videos.


Part 1:

Part 2: