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One-stop virtual reality service 

Our services include virtual reality consultancy, content creation and production. With different technology and skillsets, we create advanced 360 videos. Our aim is to bring the uniqueness of each product and service into the rapid changing market.

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VR shooting

360º videos capture the real world and generate an environment that allows a user to view, explore, and interact in that virtual world. With our post-production skillsets, the videos can support point-to-point connection system, and insert interactive graphs into the 360º Video. Suitable to compress in a compatible size with high definition that supports both desktop and mobile. This works best for spacious environment.
Besides fixed-point shooting, we also offer wireless remote moving shooting experience. Just like using sliders in the old days, with the advanced technology, viewers get to explore the space in motion just like walking and viewing yourself.

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Aerial shooting/360 Aerial shooting

Aerial shooting takes shots from an elevated view. It provides the audience a Virtual Tour from the bird’s eye view. With this advanced technology, we could provide a suitable solution for a high quality of aerial filming, and architecture photography and geographical coverage. We also offer a 360o Aerial shooting which give you a more immersive experience.

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AR Pop-up map

Just like the usual brochure, it unfolds the information of a project. The difference lies in the moment when a viewer scans the brochure, a computer-generated image will appear on the top of a view of the real world, just like an interactive pop-up map or virtual guided tour.

VR Choice

The first company to launch immersive real estate Virtual Tour in Hong Kong

We specialise in providing virtual experience for real estate projects. Unlike the traditional property viewings, virtual tour is more immersive and engaging to clients which provides them a cognitive sense of physically being in a real space. Besides, it’s more convenient and efficient as there’s no limitations for clients to visit the properties with digital devices. Let’s start our innovated real estate marketing solutions that wins today.

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room offers an innovative real estate presentation – Virtual Reality in Hong Kong, China even Asia Pacific. We specialise in providing the best VR production services and interactive 3D-viewing experience to customers.
As a leading 3D VR scanning service provider in Hong Kong, room strives to provide the best solution to our clients by conducting insightful market analysis, creative planning and digital marketing proposal.

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