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Client – Prada mode Hong Kong

We are honored to be able to produce 3D virtual tour for Prada mode, introducing outstanding artists with their installation artworks and latest Prada fashion design. Here, we would like to thank you our customers and producers for their immense support and tolerance. The following is our product, please enjoy: Prada mode 3D virtual tour Prada mode Hong Kong Website

Awards- VR Awards

Good News sharing again!!! We are honored that we won the “The Outstanding Developer Awards 2017 –VR Awards” which presented by “CAPITAL & CAPITAL WEEKLY” on 1st February 2018. With all the supporting, we are sure that we will continue to use all our might to finish each and every project. Let’s watch the following clip to recall the beautiful memory of the ceremony!

Client– VR 360 Video ” EFG Asset Management (HK) Limited”

We are honored to be able to produce VR360 films for EFG Asset Management (HK) Limited, introducing one of the funds with aerial photography. In the video, you can see the full view and receive the informative message. Here, we would like to thank you our customers and producers for their immense support and tolerance. The following is our video, please enjoy:

Showcase – Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)

room 3 has just completed a four-day HK TDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition), thanks to all sectors and industry insiders feeling interested in our VR services and high-quality shooting technology. We receive many inquiries from worldwide customers, such as France, Germany, UK, Belgium, Dubai, India, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. Your support is always our motivation of improvement, room3 will certainly try our best to bring our quality service to Hong Kong and even more [...]

《能者舞台非凡夜》 hosted by RTHK

It was our honored to provide our VR 360 virtual reality technology service for the event《能者舞台非凡夜》 hosted by Hong Kong Radio and Television Bureau on 2017 September 8. Congratulations on an extremely-successful event! On the event night, our VR 360 virtual reality video simulated the trouble of sound and scene that autism might encounter in Wan Chai area by the scene and the sound of trouble, to let the guests experience the daily difficulties of Autism and hearing-impaired people in [...]

Activity– Aerial Shooting

In hope of let you overlook different sky views, room3 brings you a brand new aerial photography technology. From the clip, you can enjoy the sky aerial photography and sea landscapes of Lung Ha Wan. Let’s watch the clip to enjoy the extraordinary experience! 西貢-龍蝦灣 航拍 room3 為你帶來嶄新的航拍技術,非一般的航拍畫面令你體驗不一樣的官能刺激!立即聯絡我們,以體驗價享受專業航拍服務!#360video #room3 #room3hk #vrmatters #VR3Dscanning #VRshooting #VR #3Dcamera #Aerialshooting #Aerialvideo Posted by room3 on Monday, 28 August 2017

room3 captuered the Campfire Creative co-working spaces

Recently, room3 was invited to capture the brilliant office idea provided by Campfire Creative with our 3D scanning service. We are very supportive of the idea that to share, to collaborate with different entrepreneurs and to form a community within a office. With all your support, we will keep continuing to produce our best services. Hereby we provide the video of the work on that day.

VR Seminar – Host by Hong Kong Productivity Council

It was our honoured to be invited to take part in the 2017 June VR Seminar hosted by Hong Kong Productivity Council on 26th June 2017. Thankfully, almost hundred of people, who are interested in VR technology, attended the seminar and shared their interest in our VR 360 shooting and VR 3D Scanning Services. With all your support, we will keep continue to produce our best services and hope more people will have the chance to enjoy this immersive experience. Hereby [...]

Interview – Kong Stories

We are glad to have the opportunity to be interviewed by Kong Stories on 15 June 2017. It was a fantastic interview which has discussed about the latest market trend of Virtual Reality in Hong Kong and our company development. We have also shared our ideas and reasons of starting up a VR company, plus, the difficulties we have overcame throughout the journey. Kong Stories features the stories from Hong Kong local communities to share the essence of what our [...]

《VR Technology x Post 90’s Startup》Seminar

room³ was honored to be invited by Youth Employment Start (Y.E.S.) to give a sharing on 28th April 2017 in their centre. We were excited to share how we apply VR technology into real estate industry with the audiences. Gratefully, we found that most audiences were very interested in our VR technology and google cardboard application as well.

News – Apple Daily

Thank you AppleDaily for covering us during the ‘Hong Kong Electronic Fair Spring Edition’. The reporter was interested in our 3D VR Scanning Technology and tried our VR goggles to view our high quality model units.  He was amazed with our immersive, convenient house touring experience which can save a lot time more than traditional flat viewing and you can view a 50+ houses with simply one click. If you want to know more about the interview, please check out this link: 【春季電子展】VR實境3D睇樓 港產積木航拍機輕過iPhone 今時今日買樓不一定看實物,透過虛擬實景一樣可以還原樓盤的真實面貌。記者在春季電子產品展體驗了以VR眼罩看試範單位,看看究竟是不是這樣逼真呢。 【3D [...]